Students in 3-12th grades are given the opportunity to explore the many methods of art at Abundant Life with various tools, media, processes, and techniques.

3-4th grade students meet one day a week. 5th grade students meet two days for art, and 6th grade meet three days a week.

7-8th grade students are able to choose Art in either a 2,3 or 5 day schedule. We currently offer two sections of Senior High art. Students are encouraged to use a variety of methods to communicate their ideas visually. They also enjoy the opportunity to glorify God through many of their art projects and murals during the school year. The use of the Word of God in their art work is encouraged and incorporated into many classroom activities.

All art students will: 

*Learn basic art concepts such as the elements of principles of art

*Learn fundamental art techniques and skills

*Learn to experiment with different types of media

*Learn to examine, evaluate, describe, interpret, and respond to famous works of art

*Gain an appreciation for art

*Gain confidence in their ability to create quality art


Justin Powell currently teaches art at Abundant Life School. He is a graduate of University of Arkansas in Little Rock with a Bachelor's in Art Education K-12. He also is an accomplished Graphic Designer, creating a variety of commercial art for businesses and churches. In addition to his career in Art, Justin is also the Youth Minister at Marshall Road Baptist Church in Jacksonville, AR and holds a Master's of Divinity in Biblical Languages from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

He has taught at ALS since 2013.

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Thank you for your interest in Abundant Life School!  Tours may be set up by contacting our admissions counselor at (501) 835-3120.  You may obtain registration paperwork under the "Home" tab and "Forms" menu.